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P4 indoor LED display

Pixel Pitch: 4mm
Panel Dimension: 512x512mm, 512x768mm
Brightness: 1200CD/㎡
IP Rating: IP43
Installation: Fixed or Rental installation
Maintenance: Frontal or Rear
Appliction: Commercial Advertising, TV station, Lobby, Meeting room, Monitor room LED display

  • 1. Cabinet weight is only 8.3 kg, decreasing the transportation cost and the intensity of labor.
    2. Super thin power supply inside; Quiet fan design, excellent heat dissipation, noiseless;
    3. Refresh rate>1500HZ, 2 times higher than the regular screen, suitable for the rental occasion which requires much more higher display capability.
    4. Super-light aluminium alloy connectors are durable and artistic.
    5. Signal & power aviation connectors are water & dust proof, stable and reliable.
    6. Cushion under the cabinet can protect the modules from being damaged.

  • Module Parameter Pixel pitch 4mm
    LED type SMD-2121
    Pixel combination 1R1G1B
    Module size 256x128mm
    Module resolution 64x32 pixels
    Driving mode 1/16 scan
    Module current 4.1A
    Module power consumption 21W/module
    Panel Parameter Panel Dimension 512x512mm
    Panel resolution 128x128
    Panel current Max.4A
    Panel power consumption Max.160W/panel, Aver. 80W/panel
    Display Parameter Viewing distance ≥5M
    Pixel Density 62500 pixels/㎡
    Brightness ≥1200CD/㎡
    The Optimum viewing angle 120°/120°
    Maximum Power consumption Max. 620W/㎡, Aver. 310W/㎡
    Changing frequency of frames ≥60HZ
    Refresh frequency ≥960HZ
    Weight 25kg/㎡
    Working Temperature -30℃~50℃
    Working Voltage AC110V/AC220V±20%,50-60HZ
    Grey scale/color 16384x16384x16384
    Brightness adjustment 0-255
    Average nofailure time 5000 hours
    Life 100000 hours
    Malfunction dot rate <0.0003
    Maintenance Type Rear maintenance
    Control system Control system Linsn/Novastar
    Input signal DVI/HDMI/SDI
    Video processor Optional
    Audio system Audio system Optional
    Installation Installation Fixed installation
    Hanging bar (need or not) Optional
    Packing Packing Type Plywood case

  • LED display sending card

    LED display receiving card

  • Indoor P4 full color LED display

    Indoor P4 full color LED display

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