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P6 outdoor LED display

Panel Dimension: 960mm*960mm
Pixel Pitch: P10
Brightness: 6500cd/㎡
IP Rating: IP65
Installation: Fixed installation
Maintenance: Frontal or Rear
Appliction: Commercial Advertising

  • 1. Durable fresh color and high brightness by adopting high quality LEDs.
    2. Energy saving 24% by using high efficiency IC driver and improved PCB design.
    3. Persistent Uniformity, contrast and flatness of OA LED screen, increasing the profit and competitiveness of the operator.
    4. Anti-UV module mask, Anti-Oxidation module frame with protection from deformation.
    5. Aircraft-grade connectors of the power, signal to ensure stable connection and high reliability.
    6. IP65 protection grade, durable nature to enable the OA LED screen working in all weather outdoor environments.

  • Module Parameter Pixel pitch 6mm
    LED type SMD-3535
    Pixel combination 1R1G1B
    Module size 320x160mm
    Module resolution 32x16 pixels
    Driving mode 1/4 scan
    Module current 5-6A
    Module power consumption 25-30W/module
    Panel Parameter Panel Dimension 960x960mm
    Panel resolution 160x160
    Panel current Max.4.39A
    Panel power consumption Max. 900W/panel, Aver. 360W/panel
    Display Parameter Viewing distance ≥7M
    Pixel Density 27777 pixels/㎡
    Brightness ≥5500CD/㎡
    The Optimum viewing angle 120°/120°
    Maximum Power consumption Max. 1000W/㎡, Aver. 460W/㎡
    Changing frequency of frames ≥60HZ
    Refresh frequency ≥960HZ
    Weight 40kg/㎡
    Working Temperature -30℃~50℃
    Working Voltage AC110V/AC220V±20%,50-60HZ
    Grey scale/color 16384x16384x16384
    Brightness adjustment 0-255
    Average nofailure time 5000 hours
    Life 100000 hours
    Malfunction dot rate <0.0003
    Maintenance Type Rear maintenance
    Control system Control system Linsn/Novastar
    Input signal DVI/HDMI/SDI
    Video processor Optional
    Audio system Audio system Optional
    Installation Installation Fixed installation
    Hanging bar (need or not) Optional
    Packing Packing Type Plywood case

  • LED display sending card

    LED display receiving card

  • Outdoor P10 full color LED display

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