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Indoor P4LED display screen

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  • Indoor full color LED display screen USES the unique SMD technology, real-time display colorful activity too.
    Supports VGA display mode and acceptable display TV video, VCD or DVD, such as live streaming video programs, have excellent display effect and high reliability and system stability.
    Using high quality LED display chip design, have little encapsulation, high brightness, wide Angle, antistatic, etc.
    Indoor full color LED display screen patch 3 in 1 existing mature technology, according to the actual needs of customers to provide personalized solutions
    Large visual Angle, horizontal Angle can reach more than 140 degrees, elevation of up to 110 degrees, the image is not deformation, not partial color
    Good heat dissipation, the use of advanced, high speed SMT technology, from the design solves the density of the heat dissipation problem
    High resolution, the perfect performance of high-definition image quality and exquisite color.
    Good flatness, the entire screen contrast is high, feel is gentle fingers across no outstanding.

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